Academies at NU

Your Pathway to Lifelong Learning

The Academies at National University are dedicated to empowering educators, parents, and nonprofit professionals. Through its two core offerings, Harmony Academy and Fundraising Academy, you will gain knowledge and skills to foster positive growth. The Academies at NU meet you where you are in your career and/or academic journey, so you can achieve your goals.

Harmony Academy aims to equip educators with the skills they need to foster knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students and educators need to develop healthy identities, create meaningful relationships, and engage productively with others. Harmony Academy has two branches of product offerings including Harmony Curriculum and Harmony Professional Learning.

Fundraising Academy provides nonprofit organizations, school districts, and fundraisers with professional training programs and tools based on the Cause Selling approach to building and retaining donor relationships. Through peer-to-peer and self-paced instruction, our participants develop time-tested relationship-building skills they can apply to their operations now and in the future.