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Post-Master’s Certificate in Business

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Post-Master’s Certificate in Business

Take your business skills to the next level with the 100% online Post-Master’s Certificate in Business at National University. Through NU’s business certificate, you’ll be prepared to further your business career, develop your own business niche, get a taste for doctoral-level coursework or even transition into a new profession.

You can tailor your NU online business certificate to fit your career goals with one of these specializations: Advanced Accounting, Criminal Justice, Financial Management, General Business, Homeland Security – Leadership and Policy, and Project Management.

Add to Your Business Credentials to Move Your Career Forward

NU’s online Post-Master’s Certificate in Business is a quick and easy way to add to your business credentials. With this certificate, you’ll refine your existing knowledge while gaining a wealth of experience from your mentoring professors.

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Course Details

  • Credit Hours: 18
  • Courses: 6
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 10 Months

The Post-Master’s Certificate in Business can be completed in 18 credits. Each course runs 8 weeks, and you’ll receive 3 semester credits per course.

The University may accept a maximum of 6 semester credit hours from a graduate-level program to NU’s Post-Master’s certificate program. Coursework must have been completed at an accredited college or university within the last seven years with a grade of “B” or better. See the Transfer Credit Policy for additional information.

The Post-Master’s Certificate has the following graduation requirements:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 (letter grade of “B”) or higher
  • Official documents on file for basis of admission: a conferred master’s level or higher degree from an accredited academic institution
  • Official transcripts on file for all transfer credit hours accepted by the University
  • All financial obligations must be met before the student will be issued their complimentary diploma and/or degree posted transcript


This Post-Master’s Certificate prepares students for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, and accounting positions in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Students will develop knowledge to pursue advanced positions in management, such as chief financial officer or controller, going beyond preparation of financial statements to calculate and analyze strategic business decisions.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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The Criminal Justice Post-Master’s Certificate connects ethical, managerial, and theoretical decision making with strategic planning and public policy within local, State, Federal, and multinational criminal justice agencies, departments, and organizations. This Post-Master’s Certificate specialization is intended to encourage students to focus on developing competencies across a wide spectrum of criminal justice subjects and issues required for career advancement in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and criminal investigation.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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This Post-Master’s Certificate specialization explores the analysis of relevant financial and non-financial organizations. Topics covered include investment management, management of financial institutions, assessment of financial statements, and international financial issues. Administrators, managers, and accountants who want to develop financial management skills will benefit from this Post-Master’s Certificate.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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The General Business Post-Master’s Certificate program allows students to select courses from a broad range of electives to fit their personal and professional goals. Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours for the Post-Master’s Certificate in General Business.

Students must take at least four doctoral level business content courses and may take up to two courses from a Post-Master’s Certificate offered in other fields to fulfill their General Business certificate requirements.

Additional courses (i.e., more than two courses) from other disciplines may be considered to fill this requirement, with Dean approval.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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This specialization prepares senior leaders of public administration, law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medical care and disaster preparedness agencies for positions of executive leadership in the general field of homeland security. Curriculum covers terrorism, strategy, intelligence, emergency management, and critical infrastructure security issues. The program also provides senior-level homeland security professionals the opportunity to apply theory and emerging concepts to real world issues through innovative approaches to complex problems.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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Administrative and management professionals who want to become proficient in project management will benefit from this specialization. This specialization focuses on applying principles, concepts, tools, and techniques to improve project performance and organizational effectiveness. Curriculum provides training in planning, project control, effectively working with teams to improve performance, providing leadership, and delivering projects on time and on budget.

Courses – 18 Credit Hours Total. Each course is 3 semester credits and runs 8 weeks.

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Program Disclosure

Successful completion and attainment of National University degrees do not lead to automatic or immediate licensure, employment, or certification in any state/country. The University cannot guarantee that any professional organization or business will accept a graduate’s application to sit for any certification, licensure, or related exam for the purpose of professional certification.

Program availability varies by state. Many disciplines, professions, and jobs require disclosure of an individual’s criminal history, and a variety of states require background checks to apply to, or be eligible for, certain certificates, registrations, and licenses. Existence of a criminal history may also subject an individual to denial of an initial application for a certificate, registration, or license and/or result in the revocation or suspension of an existing certificate, registration, or license. Requirements can vary by state, occupation, and/or licensing authority.

NU graduates will be subject to additional requirements on a program, certification/licensure, employment, and state-by-state basis that can include one or more of the following items: internships, practicum experience, additional coursework, exams, tests, drug testing, earning an additional degree, and/or other training/education requirements.

All prospective students are advised to review employment, certification, and/or licensure requirements in their state, and to contact the certification/licensing body of the state and/or country where they intend to obtain certification/licensure to verify that these courses/programs qualify in that state/country, prior to enrolling. Prospective students are also advised to regularly review the state’s/country’s policies and procedures relating to certification/licensure, as those policies are subject to change.

National University degrees do not guarantee employment or salary of any kind. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to review desired job positions to review degrees, education, and/or training required to apply for desired positions. Prospective students should monitor these positions as requirements, salary, and other relevant factors can change over time.